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The article taken from: 2nd international symposium on green chemistry renewable carbon and eco-efficient processes, may 21 – 24th, 2013 – la rochelle – france

The psychotropic berries drug is a psychotropic whose main action is to alter the thought progressions of the perception of the mind. Psychedelic drugs can profoundly alter the way that people interpret the world and how do it feels see the things, but little is known about what really happens in a brain when consumed. New research by scientists at Imperial College London on psilocybin has shed light on the processes that trigger these substances in the brain.

The psychedelic drugs work on the central nervous system are extremely variable and depend on the amount consumed, the environment in which the drug is used, the purity of it, personality, mood and expectations of the user. Some LSD users experience a sense of euphoria, while others live in terrifying experience key. However the legal powder research chemicals are safe and you can have a good experience. Get more information how to buy 1p-LSD.

The use of psychedelic drugs tend to produce feelings of oneness with the environment, feeling “understand” life and existence, religious experiences and a strong tendency to think in existential terms. These effects are often recorded in scientific literature and are interpreted as the result of the combination of cognitive and emotional effects produced by various of the research chemicals.

Interestingly several studies have shown that if this type of research chemicals supplied to smokers in a controlled environment, can be extremely effective in helping to quit that habit. Also, it use have a bunch of positive opinions. When you have a good research chemical supplier you can know if this world if for you.

It has been proven that these drugs control certain psychological disorders. MDMA, for example, has an 82% effective in conjunction with psychotherapy to treat PTSD. Psychotherapy alone is only 25% effective. This is important because hundreds of US veterans commit suicide each year.

Also, there is also a tendency to believe that psychedelics can operate as a kind of elixir or panacea. It is said that a psychedelic night may amount to 30 years of psychotherapy and perhaps even something like this could ever happen (such a radical transformation), the healthiest attitude and it is likely that psychedelics can serve only as attachments to a holistic treatment, a continuous therapy, a perennial work, but not as magical outbursts under casuistry and even karmic logic. Who puts all his hopes in a psychedelic session to change your life is like one who prays to a god to aid him, but it itself so that the aid is a natural consequence of their actions.

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