New products in research chemistry can take top place

It’s not a secret anymore that many people are using researched chemical to relieve stress or even for having a momentarily ease of mind. Researched chemical are sometimes considered as legal powder or party pills since it mostly bring feeling of euphoria for the user. There are many type of researched chemical in the markets; most of it is sold online. Now we will talk about 2 type of researched chemical which are BK-2CB and TH-PVP.


BK-2CB is categorized as psychedelic substance which could alter the human perception, causing a number of mental effects which could take many forms such. It also altered our consciousness, visual or tactile effects. Besides being categorized as psychedelic substances, it is also categorized as common drug; mean that this party pill come with a long history of human usage which could be use as a sign of safety profile.

There are some positive effects by taking this drug such as the user will feel a mood lift, euphoria and sense of well being, Enhanced audio / tactile sense, death of ego and the feeling of connectedness. Well, of course if you are going to use stuff like this, there are always the negative effects on the user such as insomnia, nausea, dizziness and thought loops (the user will be difficult to shift their thought). The major danger when using BK-2CB is the potential for an accident while the users are doing activity. Take example as that due to the change of perception, the user can’t accurately judge the distance between object as they would be able to sober. It is important to avoid any activities which could pose threat or danger. The bright side of using BK-2CB is it has a low effect on addiction.


PubChem CID 132989549
Chemical and physical data
Formula C19H27NO
Molar mass 285.431 g·mol−1

Let’s talk about TH-PVP. It’s still new in the market of researched chemical, because it is new, it’s still categorized as tentative drug since there is not much information on it and the information cannot be trusted.

TH-PVP also function as a stimulant that function to excite the nerve system and increase physiological function, this drug is sometimes used as doping for runner and climber since it will make your body full of energy. If you take it orally the recommended dosage for 1 time usage is about 20 – 30 mg but for the veteran user, it could take up to 70 mg for it to have effect on them. It will usually take 20 – 30 minutes for the drug starting to kick in and the duration of the drug will last for 3 – 5 hours. But as a known fact, that researched chemical is also categorized as a habit forming substance, means that it could cause addiction if you consume it too much or too often. So you must take care of the frequency and dosage when you are going to use it. Please be cautious and not to mix it with substance such as, alcohol, PCP, Cocaine since it will drive you into an unstable state of mind which could be fatal even deadly for your body that you know both party pills pro and cons, you decide by yourself, which one suits you better.  If you ask me, I’m going for the BK-2CB since it has a low effect on addiction.

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